Sunday, November 11, 2012

How happy are you?

Today I read a post by Richard Bransom (Richard Branson )

What’s the best measurement for success? 


and I want to share it with you. 

When working as a Quality Assurance/Quality Manager; when being a Quality Auditor, The measure of success is how happy we are with the work we are doing.

That is the best metric for SUCCESS on everything we do in life.

Don't u think?!

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Roberto Santana holds a B.Sc. in Industrial engineering (Registered with APEGGA); an MBA degree, and graduated studies in computer sciences. He is RABQSA QMS Lead Auditor; a problem solver with 18+ years hands-on experience improving organizations performance in roles with increasing levels of responsibility. Ten years serving in a management capacity for 4 engineering firms. Posses project management background and savvy expertise in optimizing people, machines, materials, and information. 

Project size has ranged from $500 MM to $8B primarily in Gold Mining and Oil Sands-Canada (upstream & downstream) as well as in refining. Experience encompasses all phases of the lifecycle of a project including conceptual, front end, detailed design, construction and completion with a track record of customer Success and Client Satisfaction. Most projects have involved complex interfaces with multiple contractors / Sub-contractors and vendors as well as extensive modularization, involving distributed execution between multiple offices and countries. 


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