Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Our parents showed us how everything needs to be well cooked (over 100 degrees Celcius)..., and about 20 years ago, I was taught ABOUT HACCP, a system designed for Astronauts...., I think!?....
However, in 2009, the Food industry had several incidents with food poisoning..., both in United States and Canada. in my Technical opinion, all because of the lack of Control of Temperature..., 
Then comes all the Consumer litigation costs..., that in my opinion would have been solved with a quality Management System based on HACCP, ISO 22 000.
Please, see a video of the News from WSJ:

You might have been told that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) but the boiling point of water actually depends on the oxygen content and atmospheric pressure. The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature at which water boils. People who live at high altitudes, like Tibetans, drink their tea while it is bubbling with boiling. Many Tibetans who moved to India suffered serious burns when they drank their boiling tea at sea-level.

Temperature is a Critical Control Point when talking about Food Manufacturing (HACCP). ISO 22 000 is a standard that talks about this on the whole Supply Chain, from farm to fork, literally.

Salmonella outbreak cost the economy an estimated $1.5 billion.
is not that enough, ???--- This is the Cost of NOT Quality...


Below, an extract from
In 1741, Anders Celsius defined his temperature scale on the melting and boiling temperature of water. Although Celsius did not discover the thermometer – both Philo and Hero of Alexandria (who also mentioned steam power in 50 BC) described such a principle – his design was much more precise than any previous such invention. Celsius scaled his measurements as 0 for boiling point and 100 for freezing point but the order was later reversed.
Anders Celsius
The boiling point for water at sea level and under standard conditions is 100 degrees Celsius (212F).
British Standard 6008 and International Standard ISO 3103 advise that tea is best made with water that is freshly boiled. Prolonged boiling of water, or water that is boiled twice, drives off the dissolved oxygen in the water, making the tea taste flat.
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