Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A professional Portfolio: Words to Begin Summary Bullets

In your Resume, you must provide the reader with an understanding of the level of experience or expertise you possess in each skill. (Love this Post)❣  

 Let’s suppose that you are a graphic designer. Just by saying:
·         "Photoshop", it will mean nothing to your reader.
·         ISO 9001:2008, The same as above…
You need to tell your reader if you are an:
-        "expert-level" Photoshop user or someone who can only do the very basics?
-       "expert-level" Applying ISO 9001 on the Manufacturing Industry.

As you can see, there is a big difference and by stating adding those extra words "Expert-level Photoshop user" can speak volumes on your level of skill.
Below some descriptive words to begin your summary bullets with which will help to provide your reader a better understanding of your background and level of expertise:
  • Highly skilled in
  • Possess a strong understanding in
  • Extensive experience in
  • Highly knowledgeable in
  • Highly proficient in
  • 5 years of experience in … (5 or 10… depends on your CV…)
  • Expert-level knowledge of
  • Possess a detailed understanding of
  • Possess a strong understanding of
  • Possess an extensive background in
  • Experienced in
  • Highly experienced in
  • Possess a strong technical competency in
  • Solid background in
  • Solid understanding of
  • Well-versed in
  • Very familiar with
These below words can be used as well, however, be careful in using them because are not as strong. Often these phrases are best reserved and used to address specifics of the job description in which you have some familiarity with the requirement, but not necessarily "an expert-level" background of this requirement:
  • Possess an understanding of...
  • Working knowledge of ...
  • Familiar with ...

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