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AXIS, a Performance Improvement Tool

AXIS, a Performance Improvement Tool
As referenced on Quality Progress:

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Due to the great interest on this product, I have decided to post it FREE, Please click on the link above and Download... Soon I will post case studies where this software has been used...(when my busy scheduled allows it)

Some successful implementations:
  • As a Software application to monitor KPI's Trends.
  • In the Implementation of a Continual improvement Approach.
  • Assisting with implementation, Training.
  • Evaluation & Final Reports
  • Helping Students at Courses, to understand the principles behind Six Sigma, Individual Control Charts (I Charts), Compliance Charts, See the Big Picture on a Radar Charts, Six Sigma, Cpk among others Outputs.
AXISa software that monitors KPI trends, (at the Gemba(Work place), the place to go for improvement) and predict future performance (using Individual Control charts) on almost any kind of Industry (From Big Companies to Small size business; on Engineering Construction business, a project-based industry. It also can be used in a manufacturing or business process (in Projects, Processes, Departments, or a business unit). With Axis, the performance information gathered is analyzed, obtaining an Individual Control Chart, a compliance chart, sigma level and Cpk index, and finally an overall performance index integrated in a Radar Chart. 
  • Excellent results on Universities, Students in programs where studying Application of Quality Principles, real life examples is essential.

  • See a video of AXIS interface:  

it is going to take some time...hmm,... Probably I will need to create New Case Studies... due to confidentiality of information..., again... when my busy scheduled allows it

Below some Print Screen of the software:

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