Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Four Absolutes of Quality

The Four Absolutes of Quality

The Four Absolutes of Quality were developed by quality guru Philip Crosby as a way to promote the idea:
- increased quality did not mean increased cost. 
Quality and cost were not in competition which he expanded on in his best-seller, “Quality Is Free.”

The Four Absolutes:

1. Quality is defined as conformance to requirements
2. The system for causing quality is prevention, not appraisal
3. The performance standard must be Zero Defects
4. The measurement of quality is the Price of Non-conformance

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.. end of a trip, the start of a new one ...

During the last twenty-three years (1994-2017), my life was focused on practicing everything I had learned ...;
in my studies..., in Life..💝⌣
As my late Father said: Boy, in the end you will realize that who else is going to teach you is:
- the School of Life itself ...

Below is a part of my work during this period ...
Roberto Santana's Digital Creations !

Now with 42 years..Ready to start my trip ...Again ..💝⌣
hmm maybe with a smaller briefcase...
  and equal desires in my heart and many more ideas in my mind ...