Saturday, October 14, 2017

.. end of a trip, the start of a new one ...

During the last twenty-three years (1994-2017), my life was focused on practicing everything I had learned ...;
in my studies..., in Life..💝⌣
As my late Father said: Boy, in the end you will realize that who else is going to teach you is:
- the School of Life itself ...

Below is a part of my work during this period ...
Roberto Santana's Digital Creations !

Now with 42 years..Ready to start my trip ...Again ..💝⌣
hmm maybe with a smaller briefcase...
  and equal desires in my heart and many more ideas in my mind ...

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Roberto Santana holds a B.Sc. in Industrial engineering (Registered with APEGGA); an MBA degree, and graduated studies in computer sciences. He is RABQSA QMS Lead Auditor; a problem solver with 18+ years hands-on experience improving organizations performance in roles with increasing levels of responsibility. Ten years serving in a management capacity for 4 engineering firms. Posses project management background and savvy expertise in optimizing people, machines, materials, and information. 

Project size has ranged from $500 MM to $8B primarily in Gold Mining and Oil Sands-Canada (upstream & downstream) as well as in refining. Experience encompasses all phases of the lifecycle of a project including conceptual, front end, detailed design, construction and completion with a track record of customer Success and Client Satisfaction. Most projects have involved complex interfaces with multiple contractors / Sub-contractors and vendors as well as extensive modularization, involving distributed execution between multiple offices and countries. 


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